Woke up with these in my heart

In 2 Chronicles 20.. 3 enemy nations allied against Jehoshaphat, rather than trying to display strength and prowess he summoned worshippers and placed them in front, hmmm 🤔 ..There’s a reason for this, because there’s a supernatural deliverance that happens when we begin to worship and praise Jesus for real 🧎🏾.. And the Bible says via the instrumentality of their sanctified praise, the Lord began to send ambushmentes against these antithesis.. Similarly we see in Acts 16:25-26, how Paul and Silas were supernaturally delivered from their captors as they praised the Lord, and in the new covenant the Bible declares us the circumcision that worships God in the Spirit and rejoice in Christ Jesus and have no confidence in the flesh….

If we can praise Jesus with a true heart, and fall on our faces for real, with sincere humility and sobriety towards God, nothing shall be impossible, those mountains will surely be moved and you will prevail..

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