Musing on the subject of worship

Worship is sacred sacrifice, the focus of it should always be on God, devoid of any element of self seeking or performance or entertainment..Worship is sanctified by the Lord.. It should be devoid of any personal gain or interest, it should not come with the intent to get anything but to give everything..

When we worship, we worship as holy and royal priesthood and this means we cannot keep holiness out of worship because God himself is holy, and worship is a personal relationship of passionate love with a powerful commitment to persistent Intimacy..

In corporate worship, flow is very important, you must give people the space to be able to flow and not be driven by the music, because it connotes the spirit of domination which does not allow the worshippers to be free and express their devotion thoroughly in God’s presence.

Worship leaders must give room for the worshippers to find expression in the room without being sunken, driven or dominated by the artistry or dexterity of the music…

True worship is led by the Spirit of Christ and sustained by the truth of his word.. 

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